Things to Know Before You Start a Blog

If you are thinking of creating a blog, stop for a moment and follow these tips to make your perfect start. Remain abreast of the latest trends and go for it!


No one tells you before creating a blog and you should know. Writing a blog is an exciting and rewarding thing, and has thousands of post talking about the advantages and marvels of doing so, in fact in my own blog I talk about the benefits.

Below are the 6 things that no one has told you before creating a blog

1. A daily blog takes time and perseverance: If we want our blog to be visible this takes time, and more in the beginning. Do not think that dedicating a daily visits love start. Write a post quality and interesting for accurate enough time at the beginning reader.

2. You have to make a small financial investment: We are back to business as before, if we intend that our blog is a pointer blog in our niche, be nice to search engines, consisting of the most effective plugins, has a many conditions, go fast without hanging etc … we have to make a financial outlay. Can you make free? Yes, you can, but will observe the results that have nothing to do with one payment, which make ready for a small budget.

financial investment

3. The results are not immediate: For me this point is a key among the problems encountered when bloggers create a blog. Even writing a post daily for the first month when you visit to your blog are limited, not even to one hundred. Is this what you work every day for a while? For if friend, so, if you ask all great bloggers, success is achieved with perseverance and a great deal of patience. I remember that the other day I read that more than 80% of blogs are abandoned in the first months, and I fear that this may be the key point, not reach the expectations created before.

4. Making money is not easy: From here I say this with great emphasis. Ignore the post that promise a blog that can earn quick and easy money. Nothing is further from reality. Live blog is a hard, steady work and is sure to make it. Wanting to make money is a more than valid option but thinks it will gradually and that will grow as you do your blog. But forget about miraculous formulas in the first months because from now I say that will not happen.

5. You must have a continuous training: And of course, this requires effort and time. Even the best bloggers periodically stop reading and researching as this world of the bloggers changed for days. If you are not updated, then bad business will back to the same.

creating a blog

6. A window to criticism: Not all comments you reach the blog will be positive, many of them will come in the form of criticism. We must be prepared for it, do not come to us or think that our work is bad and of course did not ignore these criticisms giving the button “trashed”. My advice is to publish all reviews (well – intention course) arrive and give a reply for an applicable solution.

With these points I do not want to discourage anyone anything, on the contrary, I encourage everyone to try the experience of writing a blog. Write a good post and see that people will like and share it with yours is a super rewarding experience.

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