How to Create a Website for Personal Branding

If you intend to create a personal brand in order to get more clients for your business or more audience for yourself, a website is a must in today’s world in order to let people know your complete story. You might argue that the social media is a good enough platform to communicate, but there is always a difference between renting a house and owning a house. Yes, having a website of your own is like owning a house where you invite people who will personally start knowing you or your business, and in this process you create a brand for yourself.

get more clients

Narrowing down on the niche

This is very important if you want to create a personal brand through a website. It will be easier for you to get clients or audiences if you narrow down on your offerings. For instance, Aaron Pang, an eminent Magician in Malaysia has a website which brands him as a professional magic and illusion performer, a balloon performer and a role player. These are three niches and through highlighting these, Aaron has created a personal brand for himself, and this enables him to attract the right audience for his performances.

The actual action: creating the site

Creating a site is like owning real estate over the web. There are free plans available for obtaining domain names but if personal branding is on your mind it would be best to opt for a paid plan wherein you get a custom domain.

When it comes to choosing your domain name, there are several options below

a) Your name, for example, personal development expert, Tony Robbins brands his own name :

b) The niche you are targeting, for example, used by Pat Flynn communicates what he helps people with through the domain name.

c) A hybrid of both which comes to something like Of course, in doing so, you have to make sure that you are not going to change occupation! otherwise the work you have put in on the website will be futile!

Always make sure to select a template which is in line with your business and with which you are comfortable. The following sections must be there in your website:

make sure to select

• About: This page is like the gateway to the site because it highlights the story behind your or your brand’s existence, along with describing how you can be of help to the clients or audience.
• Products or Service: This is the very heart and soul of the branded website because it explains in detail what you can offer. This page can also be divided into more than a single page as per your offering. For instance, magician Aaron Pang has three pages dedicated to his three performances, namely magic and illusion show, balloon show and role play.
• Portfolio/Clients: You must highlight the work that you have already done for others.
• Contact: A website without a contact page is like a house with no name or address. If you want people to get in touch with you, you must leave address, phone number, email as well as social media link.

These are the main sections forming the backbone of your website. You may add other pages like testimonials or media events, if any.

When it is a case of personal branding, you must focus on the ‘About’ page. Remember that you are not filling a form for getting admission to a school; your story should ignite passion in another flesh and blood human being.

When you are discussing your products or services or adding your portfolio, the main idea should be to showcase your talent. Present everything in such a manner that even an intangible service becomes tangible to the client or audience. With the above elements in place, you can definitely heighten your personal branding through your online presence. All the best !

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