How to create a Blog from a scratch

How to blog step by step from a scratch? Why it is so important to have a blog? This article will sort out the steps that must be and go slowly to create your blog.

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First of all, having a blog is very easy, that it is difficult to have a reason to write it and to achieve a defined objective. Basically, you will see two things: Part of reflection pre-blog and Installation technical part blog.

Before opening a blog or share your professional issues on the internet, you must ask yourself several things not to fumble:

  • Think what you really like and you can do: without this, there is nothing. If you are not passionate about the topic of your blog, you get tired after a few months.
  • Defined objectives: Without clear objectives from the start, you’ll stumble. This may be changing a bit as you advance and based on the response of your readers, but the objectives to achieve must remain.
  • Distance race: whether your goal is to work for free as if employed, having a blog is a distance race. You need time and hard work to make your blog you know and provide customers or job opportunities. As I always say, the Internet gets money like life: working.

How to blog step by step

First of all, I’ll explain here how to make a blog step by step from a scratch, but talking about the technical part of hiring your own domain and hosting.

If your intention is to have a free blog type Blogger or, okay, here’s the information you need: How to create a free blog and why you should NOT do.

Well, if you’re psyched you want and you’re going to go for it seriously, these are the steps to follow.

Choosing a good domain name

There is debate on whether to use the proper name of the person in the domain; I personally do not recommend it.

Today everyone speaks of the famous personal brand, personal branding and everything you want. It is important to know about such things, but the domain should not include your name, at least the primary domain.

woman with question mark

You can rely on the tool keyword search of Google to see what the exact terms with more searches (you’ll need a Google account Adwords)

Hire your domain name and your hosting

Here you start with the costs (I like more the word “investment”). First of all, if you think you’re going to get serious with your professional project on the internet, but the thought of spending much money on it makes you nervous or angry. If you are willing to stick your hand in your pocket (not bite) I’ll tell you what you must do to hire these two things that are absolutely necessary.

They can be hire the domain and hosting separately. The experience and your feedback tell me that prefer the option to take both with the same supplier.

Install WordPress on your hosting

As you can see, there is no technical excuse for not having a blog itself.

Customize your WordPress blog

The next step once you have the blog is to decide on how to customize the theme or template will be using.

There are lots of free templates, dare I even say that some of them are very good. But it’s like everything; it costs more usually for something.

There are also templates premium templates, which allow you to have a much more versatile workforce, with more features and a look more professional.

Add a custom header

What I will tell you , is that it is important that a blog has a custom header, as well as the name of the blog and whether it can be a slogan or phrase that best describes in your blog.

Remember that creating a blog is not that difficult if you follow this guide and within minutes you’ll have created.

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